Bread #1: Cinnamon Rolls

I am on a mission to see how many new breads I will be able to master this year. My first attempt was cinnamon rolls, and since they have yeast, I am voting them as my very first bread challenge. 

I have been dying to make them for ages and can finally say I can make a couple of pans of edible cinnamon rolls. I would like to try a few more recipes so I can tweak them and make them my own, but for now, I made these.  My only advice would be to let the yeast sit a little bit longer than one minute and to pour the icing on immediately after they come out of the oven. My first pan, I waited and the icing just sat on top. My second pan, I poured it on while they were piping hot, and let me tell you the icing soaked in. The result was gooey, buttery deliciousness.

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  1. They look wonderful...good job!!


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