Blog Hop: Show me your barn

I was wandering around the blogosphere and came across a "Show me your barn" blog hop, so why not join in? Unfortunately, Gracie is 1,000 miles away but the barn is still pretty awesome if I say so myself (I get to declare this loudly since my family runs and owns it)!

1. A View of the Barn: The barn sits a ways off of the road with paddocks and pastures surrounding it. The best part about the barn itself is the lofty roof. It feels so spacious and airy because of this feature!

2. Your Horse's Living Space: Gracie has a 12X12 box stall and currently gets turned out during the day with three other mares in a 5 acre field with a run-in. As you can see in the picture, Tennessee's grass has died for the winter so they have a big round bale to keep them happy. 

3. The Tack Room: I sadly don't have a picture of our tack room. Since I am part of the family, I share a room with my stepdad's tools. And currently, since I am living in Massachusetts, I have moved my tack into my bedroom closet. As a substitute, here's a picture of Gracie's new SmartPak Ultimate Turnout in our cross tie area!

4. View of Where You Ride: A few years ago, we were finally able to put in a sand arena which has given us quite a few more available riding days each year. Unfortunately, it isn't perfect so there are still days when it freezes or puddles in areas. To make up for that minor inconvenience, we have 600 acres of available land for hacking! (Photo below taken by my trainer, Lauren Romanelli)

5. Favorite Feature of my Facility: The best thing, by far, has to be the endless miles of fields and trails to ride on. Gracie doesn't particularly love just going out for a trail ride but it is so good for her mind to go out and trot, canter and gallop. She usually is so refocused after one of those rides. The other great thing about all of that land is that we cut our own hay, which means the quality and care of the hay is top notch. 


  1. Endless trails are definitely hard to beat.

  2. How lucky to be able to keep your horse at home with your family! And 600 acres! I am jealous.

  3. Looks like a horse paradise! Lucky!!

  4. Wow 600 acres how awesome!!

    Love the new blanket!

  5. Found you through the blog hop, will start following :)


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