Blah ride

Do you ever just have a bad ride? Or a just a bad day... or month? I do!

I went out to ride Candida, the mare I am riding her in Massachusetts, for the first time since before I went home to Tennessee. Let's just say, it wasn't the ride of my life. She is a fairly sensitive mare and she was just not interested in me touching the reins at all this weekend.

Even though it was a huge bummer to have a blah ride, it reminds me that patience and persistence is key. Not every ride is going to end the way you thought it might, sometimes it might be a "stop while you're ahead kind of day," and sometimes you'll get to keep coming around to that vertical while your trainer raises it higher than you had ever thought of jumping. Either way, both contribute to who you are as a rider, and you are a better rider each time you climb back into the saddle.

So, here's to forging ahead and becoming better!


  1. I can totally relate to this. I have 2 mares, and one in particular is ultra sensitive. If my brain is not in just the right place - forget it! But when we get it right it's pretty special.

    1. Mares are absolutely the best at being sensitive! If you breathe wrong, they just might take offense. But if you win them over, they have your back!!!


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