Europe Travel: Ireland

My huge backpack
Our first stop in Europe was Dublin, Ireland. The flight over was about six and a half hours, and if I hadn't tried forcing myself to sleep, it would have been quick. I found out about flents (anti ear popping plugs), though, so they made the trip painless. Those, along with a few books and magazines, kept me distracted for most of the trip. Something else I found surprising, was the amount of times they brought food to us.


Hello July!

I am the type of person that can't force myself into enjoying something. The more years that go by, the more I realize that I have to come to terms with what makes me happy, and what I need to say goodbye to.

Sadly, I went through what feels like a six month stretch of simply not wanting to blog, so I didn't blog. But lately I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, so I think I am going to pick up the pen (computer) again, and start writing. A lot of that was probably due to some personal reflection and changes that needed to happen - more on that later.

The thing I am dying to share is most definitely my recent foray out of the country. At the end of May, I finally took a much anticipated trip to Europe with my best friend. We visited Ireland, England, Germany and the Czech Republic. I will try to share some of the tips I learned as well. Planning a two week backpacking trip is absolutely nerve-wracking, but it is so worth it!


New hair for spring

Sorry for such the long hiatus - I am still alive, I swear! I bit the bullet and dyed my hair to bring a little spice into my life. Spring may be officially here but our weather in New England is not reflecting it. I needed some change so I impulsively scheduled a hair appointment. It really isn't very different but it served its purpose. Hope you are enjoying "spring" and I will post again soon!


Hello February!

I apologize for the radio silence, I have been working as many days as I can manage in order to save for my upcoming Europe trip. It has been good to stay busy and I've even been exercising regularly. I figured I might share a few pictures of recent Massachusetts happenings here to make up for the silence.

I went to a Providence Bruins hockey game with SmartPak friends and my roommates. Even though it wasn't the Boston Bruins it was still a blast! Apparently, the Providence Bruins are the "feeder" team for Boston. During the breaks, little kids came out and played short games, which was beyond adorable. 

I saw a gorgeous sunrise last week on my drive to work!

I finally hung a few thinks in my room after living here for more than a year. And this picture makes me super excited for Marion yard sales and estate sales in the spring. The mirror and the bureau piece were purchased for a collective $15 last year! Also, I made cranberry orange nut bread (I varied the recipe) this morning. 

And to top off my week, Margaret and I tried our hand at homemade pretzels. They need a few tweaks and then I will share the recipe! I hope you are having a fabulous February and I promise to post more. 


Bread #2: Buttermilk Biscuits

There's not much better than delicious biscuits for breakfast so they were next on my bread baking challenge. I made Smitten Kitchen's recipe and they were surprisingly super easy. Since I didn't have a pastry blender, I used the cuisinart to mix the butter into the flour mixture. The first picture is the result of doing that and it took about one minute. If I could change one thing, I would have made mine a little thicker when I was rolling out the dough. Overall, these were a success!


Bareback ride on Candida

Went out to hop on Candida today and just walked around on her bareback. I am happy to report that I didn't fall off! I am not the best bareback rider to begin with and seeing as we had a very special ride last week (crow-hopping and rearing) it was definitely a toss up as to whether or not I would stay on her. 

My goal for the year with her is to make her a rideable trail horse. She has an old soft tissue injury that was never rehabbed properly so she is never going to be super competitive again. I mean, there is a chance, but it is very slim. Right now, she is way too spooky for trails but I hope to slowly get her there. 


Goodbye to the farm

This is slightly delayed since I have been back in Massachusetts for two weeks but I took a walk on the farm one of my last days in Tennessee. We have a boarder who goes on hikes with her dogs and hand walks her horse, too, but I just haven't done much of that. It was a lovely day and the sun was setting so I did my best to capture some of the beauty. Wish I could have the best of both worlds, pony in my large backyard and ocean to boot, but for now I just get the ocean. 

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